The offices of Bill Blaney Insurance Brokers can be found in the heart of Dorchester, sitting on the north bank of the Thames river at the corner of Catherine Street and Bridge. Long before our building became the home of our general insurance brokerage – it had humble beginnings dating back to 1880 when it was known as the Hodder’s General Store.

Many people passed through this location to source their dry good needs – things such as penny nails, hardware, seed to plant next year’s harvest, leather goods, saddles and harnesses. Many businesses hung their shingle on our building – even a garage offering full mechanical service to your automobile, one of 3 separate basements under the building still house the mechanic pit – where the mechanic would get access underneath your vehicle to change your oil. It was home to a flower shop and in the 1970’s it was best known as the Bridge Variety, until it was purchased in 1980 and became Bill Blaney Insurance Brokers.

The office opened with 2 employees and one file. Over the years we have grown into one of the larger employers in the village with a staff compliment of 16 employees, representing more than a dozen insurance companies and acting as an advocate for you, sourcing the best coverages for your insurance needs.

We are part of the fabric of the village of Dorchester and a place that feels like home

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