We can proudly say that the staff at Bill Blaney Insurance know the sense of community and are always mindful of paying it forward. For 15 years we have hosted a Christmas Share Open House where the local community, customers and industry reps are invited to join us for a bit of Christmas cheer while providing a drop off location for donated items for the local food bank and our toy drives. We have been told that our toy drives over the years have been referred to as legendary, and this means a great deal to us as it highlights the importance of these initiatives within our community.

Mark has often mentioned that you can never quite know when a pebble gets dropped into a pond of water, how far the ripple effect of that one small motion will travel. With this in mind, we have witnessed year over year, the impact of giving back to our local community and have been so pleased to have shared the success of our campaigns with agencies in London, Aylmer, St. Thomas and Strathroy.

In May 2011, the Bill Blaney team started a casual Friday campaign. Each of our team members contribute to this fund on a weekly basis and to date, we are proud to have raised almost $13k.

The Bill Blaney team continues to deliver and exceed expectations on making the world a better place, one kind gesture at a time, supporting Mark’s belief and the inherent culture of our office. The team is committed to continuing their support to local food banks on a monthly basis, as well as their efforts in assembling care packages and blessing bags for My Sister’s Place, Urban Haven Project and the Ark Aid Street Mission amongst many other initiatives to provide help to those less fortunate.

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